We created this project because it's odd and fun. An unsettling sentiment among several in the athletic apparel community suggests yoga pants "don't work on some women's bodies." We decided to showcase the versatility of yoga pants on men -- of all types.

This is a photography project by Robert (@hovden) and Jacqueline (@skyisalandfill) with assistance from Mike (@miketheasian1). Special thanks to Jodi (@JoditheYogi) for yoga expertise, Michael and Sam for locations, and Dan for various help.

Humble Models:
Jan 18, 2014 | Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY > Eric, Row, Alex, Houndswoth Hufflepuff, Bobby, David, Keven, Scott
Jan 18, 2014 | Astoria, Queens NY > Wolf, Adam, Chris, Tyler, Brandon, Matt, Jarom, Lawrence, Brian, Mike

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